Top 26 supply chain talents

Inspired-Talent | 11 December 2020

Together with Supply Chain Magazine, we asked supply chain directors and managers to nominate talents. In this top 26 you get an insight into the future potential.Talents talk about the skills they have mastered well, and what they want to develop further on.

Sparking talent needs the right conditions

The managers of the talents are not mentioned in the article. However, you need to create the basic conditions for talent to be able to spark. To respond to the development needs of the talents, today’s supply chain leaders should give them a stage where they work cross-functionally with colleagues, leading processes or projects that are important to the company. In itself, it’s not a problem to give talents too much work. It will force them to make choices, discuss them, and, if necessary, enter into a conflict, for example if the work/life balance is disturbed. Conflict management is a competence on which talents can certainly be challenged.

The importance of good relationships and staying mentally fit, for example by practicing sports, is recognized by the talents. For many talents, working with customers will be experienced as highly motivating, and it will have a positive impact on the supply chain and the development of the talent. These opportunities should be given to talents more often. But in the end it is up to the talent itself to create and grab opportunities, and after reflection with others to make choices that will keep their fire burning.

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By Ujendre Ramautarsing, Evie Jetten, Martijn Lofvers and Onno Beijers.