Tips for corporate athletes

Inspired-Careers | 10 April 2020

Nowadays management in business is regularly compared with coaching in top sport. This is evident, for example, from coaches and supervisors who use their experiences in top sport to advise the business community in the form of presentations (1), but also books (2). What are the similarities between business and elite sport and what can managers learn from coaching in elite sport? Toon Gerbrands, the General Manager of PSV was recently a guest in the podcast “Bosses” and he spoke about this with great passion and knowledge. Besides affinity with soccer, he also has experience as a coach at the top of Dutch volleyball. He has written several books on numerous topics that are guided by coaching and performance, such as “Inspiratie – Coaching & Presteren”, “De Kunst van Coachen”, and “Mijn Stijl”.

By Jaike Locht & Carola Irvine

The complete artice can be found here (in Dutch).

2           Passie voor Presteren – Hein Dijksterhuis, 2017
             De Bedrijfsatleet – Koen Gonnissen & Alain Goudsmet, 2013