SCOR Model

Our field of professional expertise is related to the Supply Chain Operations Reference Model (SCOR Model). This model focuses on the four key supply chain processes: planning, manufacturing, purchasing and logistics. Within this model we focus on positions at the level of (Senior) Planner / Analyst and (Senior) Management. Due to the ever-increasing relevance of data science and analytics in supply chains, we believe that a fifth key element cannot be missing from the SCOR model: data science and analytics.

As Inspired-Careers and Inspired-Talent we are able to match professionals working within the Supply Chain Operations Reference Model (SCOR). Typical positions are:

Data science and analytics:

In the data science process, processes and systems can be developed and implemented to extract knowledge or provide insight from data.

The analytics process is about how you can use the analysis to identify the needs of the customers, how activities can be detected in different dashboards and how you can, for example, predict the forecast using forecasting analysis.

Typical positions: Data scientist, Data science consultant, Supply Chain consultant, Data & Business analyst, Life cycle management analyst, Optimization algorithm expert.


This part of the SCOR model consists of processes that seek to create demand and supply plans, which includes sourcing, production and delivery requirements.

Typical positions that operate on this level are: Manager Supply Chain, Manager Supply Chain Planning, Supply Network Development Manager, Demand Manager, S&OP Manager, Supply Chain Planner, Demand Planner, Material Planner, Supply Chain Coordinator, Forecast Analyst, Supply Planner, Inventory Planner, Inventory Analyst, Inventory Controller, Promotion Planner.


Under this process, sourcing infrastructure is managed. Various activities like vendor certification and feedback, sourcing quality monitoring and vendor contracts are conducted.

Typical positions that operate on this level are: Manager Purchasing, Purchasing Assistant, Manager Procurement, Buyer, Buying Manager, Strategic Buyer, Sourcing Specialist.


This level focuses on the manufacturing side of supply chain management and is aimed at producing the final product from either semi-finished products or raw materials.

Typical positions that operate on this level are: Operations Manager, Plant Manager, Manufacturing Manager, Site Manager, Lean Six Sigma (Program) Manager, (Senior) Project Manager, Packaging Manager, Production Planner, Supply Chain Black Belt, Solution Manager.


Processes at this level are aimed at delivering the final product, such order management, warehouse management and transportation / delivery infrastructure management.

Typical positions that operate on this level are: Logistics Manager, Warehouse Manager, Site Manager, 3PL Manager, Continuous Improvement Manager, Transport Manager, Transport Planner, Business Development Manager, Project Manager, Warehouse Planner, Customs Specialist, Customer Service Manager, Manager E-fulfillment.