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Inspired-Careers/Inspired-Talent is active in the field of Recruitment, Interim Management and Talent Development and collects personal information of candidates for the best possible service for both our clients and candidates. It is very important to us that we handle your information in the most confidential manner as possible. We follow the guidelines of this privacy statement and you can always contact us through our website if you have questions:



You can visit our website without your data being captured. We do capture some data for optimisation, analysis and SEO of the website. This is comparable with almost all websites you visit on the internet. The data we collect are: IP address of your Internet Service Provider, date and time of accessing the website, the internet address of the website which re-directed you to, the OS of the computer/device, the individual pages of the website you visit including the information you looked at, the type of device you used to access the website, the geo location and the information you have downloaded or uploaded to the website.


Personal information:

Our website gives you the possibility to upload your personal information and CV/resume. If you upload your information/CV/Resume, it is your own and active decision to share this information with us. We keep this data in our system for an optimal service to you and  the execution of our recruitment and interim management activities. This data will never be shared with anyone else unless you have authorized us explicitly for a specific situation.


This is typically what we use your data for:

  1. To contact you for possible career opportunities
  2. To keep you informed about news and developments in the industry and Inspired-Careers/Inspired-Talent
  3. To commence an employment, payroll, temporarily or meditation relationship with yourself
  4. To assess how your background and experience match with an opening with one of our clients
  5. To conduct pre-employment screening for our customers
  6. Management and quality processes


What kind of data to we keep in our systems:

  1. All data shared by yourself through submitting a CV/resume and/or in personal, e-mail or telephone conversation
  2. Public available information through databases like LinkedIn, Xing, and other internet publications
  3. All correspondence and personal notes by Inspired-Group employees.


With whom we share your data and personal information:

  1. With all employees of Inspired-Careers, Inspired-Talent, Inspired-Search, Inspired-Professionals and Inspired-Group
  2. With clients of Inspired-Careers and Inspired-Talent and possible intermediaries working for our clients. We will only share data with those clients/ intermediaries once we have obtained your permission to do so.
  3. Your data/personal information can also be share with Inspired-Group entities outside The Netherlands (currently Singapore and Switzerland)


How long do we keep your data in file:

We will keep your data/personal information in files as long as is needed for a proper execution of the Inspired-Group business. By sharing your data with Inspired-Group you explicit are in agreement with us keeping your data in our systems. At any point in time you can ask us to remove your data, see below.


How can I have my data have been remove from the Inspired-Group systems:

In case you don’t want Inspired-Group to keep your personal information in their systems any more, you can send an e-mail to with a request to remove the data. Inspired-Group will delete all data permanently within 5 working dates.


Can I submit a request to receive a copy of all of my data Inspired-Group:

On request, we can send you a download off all your personal data we keep in file. Please send a request to


Is my personal information safe in the Inspired-Group system:

Your data is store in a secure and safe cloud environment, in The Netherlands, with a IT company specialised in recruitment software.  The datacenter is in The Netherlands and the access and security processes are compliant with the ISAE 3000 guidelines. Only authorised Inspired-Group employees have access to the system and the data through a secure access control.


Change management:

Inspired-Group can modify this Privacy Statement at any time. The most recent and up to date version can be found on the website:

For questions and or remark in relation to this Privacy Statement you can always send an email to

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