“Onboarding” primarily means managing expectations

Inspired-Careers | 24 August 2020

The theme of onboarding new employees is hot. Suppliers that develop apps for the onboarding process are popping up like mushrooms. HR magazines and blogs are full of articles on this subject. Yet a lot still goes wrong. Onboarding specialist Ardiënne Verhoeven shares her most important advice with us.

Onboarding starts with recruitment

Now we at Inspired-Careers & Inspired-Talent have known this for much longer, but it’s interesting how Ardiënne looks at this. She argues that from the very first moment of contact, the candidate already forms an image of a company. “That image is strengthened or adjusted during the interviews. At the moment of the “final offer” the candidate says yes or no to the created image. If reality does not match this, there is a good chance that that person will decide to leave after just a few weeks or months”, says Ardiënne.

The complete article can be found here (in Dutch).

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By: Marielle van Gastel
Managing Partner Inspired-Careers