Marshmallow Recruitment

Inspired-Talent | 2 July 2020

Do four-year-olds have better impulse control than employers?

A recent (Dutch) article in the purchasing magazine Deal describes that due to the latest crisis companies are mainly interested in experienced employees for open vacancies. It ends with the conclusion that there is still too little investment in young talent. The last line of the article is: “Didn’t we learn anything from the previous crisis?

This made me think of the endearing video with four-year-old kids undergoing the marshmallow test. Those who can resist the temptation to choose for the short term will be rewarded. This rule also applies in recruitment. It is in fact a good indicator of the performance and health of the company and the supply chain in the near future.

For a successful career in supply chain management, a start in a tactical planning role is ideal to develop good future leaders. Starters can quickly have a big impact and surprise the employer by connecting different disciplines and achieving process improvements in addition to operational tasks.

It is painful to see that in the majority of the vacancies for planners, 2 to 5 years of experience is still required, and knowledge of the ERP system used is preferred. Companies are thus closing the inflow of talented supply chain professionals. The red carpet is rolled out for experienced people, often with less growth potential. In the long run the result is a lack of really good supply chain leaders who help the company move forward. We fail to train the future leaders.

Those who know me know that the latter is the mission of Inspired-Talent. We have already shown in the past that we can accelerate the development of the future leaders. By working with companies that did have the guts to make non-conventional choices. The great thing is that all these customers are very satisfied with the results. Our Net Promoter Score of 100% proves this.

Next to that, it has also been proven in the last months that we have young informal leaders in our talentpool. Some customers needed to let go of all their temporary staff when panic broke out. However, our talents were allowed to stay everywhere, as it is recognized that they make a difference. I couldn’t have wished for a bigger compliment.

In the coming months, many fresh graduates will come onto the market. Are we going to leave this vacant talent behind, or are we starting the future today?

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By: Ujendre Ramautarsing
Managing Partner Inspired-Talent