Logistics & SC/CS Coordinator (COMPLETED) – Bloemendaal + Schiphol

Mariëlle Wester | 16 June 2019


Update: This vacancy has been filled, you can no longer apply. Feel free to sent us an open application via https://www.inspired-careers.com/open-application/

Do you want to gain experience in a dynamic global environment where good collaboration takes place at all levels with large international leading companies? Do you have a background in Logistics or Supply Chain and do you like to organise and to coordinate?

For our customer Blue Skies Holdings, a beautiful, growing, sustainable and rewarded organisation in fresh cut fruits, freshly squeezed juice and dairy-free ice cream, we are looking for a Logistics & Supply Chain/Customer Service Coordinator! (+/- 32 hours)

Keywords organisation: Fruit – Sustainable development – Fairtrade – Organic – Linking Environment and Farming

As (junior) Logistics & Supply Chain/Customer Service Coordinator, you coordinate the whole logistics and supply chain process, from inventory management to shipping from the factories to the retail customers’ warehouses. You have contacts with the various factories in Ghana, South Africa, Egypt and Brazil, the head office in the UK and leading European retail customers in Europe. You may specialize in marketing / quality / commercial support. All this from location Bloemendaal and Schiphol!

You recognize yourself in the following: you have a can-do mentality, recently graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in logistics or supply chain, you live in Haarlem / Amsterdam area, you have your own transportation, you have organizational talent, are a team player, entrepreneurial, flexible in terms of working hours, loves broad responsibilities and would like to gain experience in a dynamic global environment. Currenty, this position is for 32 hours a week, due to the growth of the company, this might become 40 hours in the future (in consultation with the candidate).



Blue Skies is an award winning fresh-cut fruit, freshly squeezed juice and Dairy-Free Ice-Cream company with production facilities in Ghana, Egypt, UK, Brasil and South Africa. The company specialises in producing high quality, just harvested, fruit products.

Blue Skies has been cutting and packing just-harvested fruit and delivering it to Europe since 1998. The organisation has grown through their ongoing commitment to delivering consistent, very high quality prepared fresh fruit products and through their loyalty to their customers and suppliers. Currently, they employ over 5,000 people and supply to a variety of customers including some of the biggest supermarket chains in the UK, Europe and South Africa.

At each facility they apply a culture, which they have developed carefully. It is based on fairness in business, respect for each other and above all, trust. By nurturing this culture and forging global partnerships Blue Skies has become an ethical model for development to governments all over the world. Currently, Blue Skies Netherlands is growing 20 to 30 % each year.

Fresh from Harvest

To Blue Skies, it is sacrosanct to deliver fresh from harvest. They provide only the highest quality, best tasting fruit products which can be found. Their approach is simple; Their fruit is harvested only when fully mature, cut when naturally ripe and then delivered fresh from harvest (within 48 hours from harvest to customer). They add nothing to their fruit. No chemicals, no additives, no artificial flavourings, nothing.

Adding value at source

At the heart of their philosophy is a commitment to practicing equitable trade by ‘adding value at source’. This means that where possible, they make the finished product in the country or region where the fruit is grown, rather than doing it in factories overseas. By doing this, they believe as much as 70% of the value of the finished product stays within the country of origin, compared to as little as 15% if it is processed outside.

This approach also enables them to have a closer relationship with the farmers who grow the fruit, so they can work together to improve quality, ethical trade and lessen their impact on the environment. They adhere to a number of international standards including Fairtrade, Organic, and LEAF (Linking Environment and Farming).

Mission and values

It is their mission to build together a profitable enterprise where people respect each other, care for the environment and inspire a legacy for the future. Blue Skies aims to do this with people who enjoy working at Blue Skies because it is a happy, hard-working company which is committed to building long-term partnerships, and fostering sustainable development in Africa and South America.

Blue Skies aims to be a leading model for Sustainable Development and aims to build their company upon values of fairness in business, respect for each other and trust. They believe that care for their people breeds care for their fruit which in turn fosters a natural respect for the environment and the communities where they exist.

In their Blue Skies Foundation, a partnership between Blue Skies, Albert Heijn and Waitrose, they aim to improve the livelihoods of staff, farmers and their communities where Blue Skies works in Ghana, Egypt, Senegal and South Africa.



As Logistics & Supply Chain/Customer Service Coordinator, you will forecast, plan and monitor the production at the Blue Skies factories for the customers that are serviced via Amsterdam Airport and you will coordinate daily inbound deliveries and outbound shipments to the warehouses of their leading European retail customers as well as supporting task for these activities. In this position, you will be supporting Blue Skies growth in Europe. Next to contact with the factories and logistics partners, you will have regular contact with the Head Office in the UK and work closely within the team in the Netherlands. You report to the Commercial Director and Team Leader. Work location: Bloemendaal and Schiphol

Responsibilities, Accountabilities and Tasks

As a VMI supplier for AH and MTO supplier for DH and COOP it is your responsibility to have enough products available to meet the customers’ orders.

It is up to the Logistics & Supply Chain/Customer Service Coordinators to assure that the entire supply chain works optimal to assure Blue Skies meets the 98% service level their customer demands.

This calls for being on top of the daily operation, knowing progress of ground handling and scheduled deliveries and pick-ups as well as planning tomorrow and the days after to assure supply, demand and availability of fruit, production capacity and airspace meet.

In this position, you will be:

  • Daily ordering for Albert Heijn, Delhaize and COOP;
  • Daily production forecasting for Albert Heijn, Delhaize and COOP;
  • Daily/weekly freight demand forecasting;
  • Weekly transport forecasting from airport to customers;
  • Monitor and adapt to daily inbound deliveries and discrepancies;
  • Monitor ground handling partners in making inbound shipments ready for collection;
  • Assure framework (stock levels at K+N, instructions etc) are sufficient for all customers;
  • Monitor hauliers and external partners to assure correct and timely delivery of orders;
  • (Promotional) forecasting for promotions and special events;
  • Administrational activities supporting sales and logistics for the customers supplied via Amsterdam;
  • Support Team Leader and Account manager in development of existing and new customers;
  • Potentially you also will monitor, check quality of arriving products, asses quality of own and competitor products sold in supermarkets and organise taste panels;
  • Developing relations with relevant colleagues at sites and head office;
  • Take part and setting up Special Projects on operational excellence, cost control and monitoring, growth etc.


Skills & Requirements

Our ideal candidate:

  • Obtains a Bachelor’s degree in Logistics or similar or relevant experience;
  • Has a hands-on mentality, “on top of business” to manage and get things sorted when needed;
  • Can identify him/herself with Blue Skies’ mission and values;
  • Is good at keeping the overview over managing various projects with different customers;
  • Is able to keep an overview in stressful situations and to work under pressure;
  • Is structured, accurate, punctual and good eye for detail. Likes to follow the process flows;
  • Is able to assess consequences down and upstream depending on decisions taken.
  • Likes to plan and control movements for the customers;
  • Is responsible, can make decisions and is good at time management;
  • Is a good service/customer minded communicator, energetic and professional;
  • Is a good team player;
  • Can work independently, self-starter;
  • Is flexible regarding working hours (no 9-5 mentality, no Mo-Fr mentality);
  • Obtains strong Excel knowledge (e.g. can make pivot tables);
  • Experience in trading with a retailer/supermarket supply chain (f.e. replenishment / planning / ordering) will be a plus;
  • Preferable background in FMCG;
  • Is (near) fluent in Dutch and (near) fluent in English (required);
  • Lives preferably near Haarlem/Amsterdam;
  • Obtains a driver’s licence and own transportation (preferred).


Compensation package

A challenging position with a broad range of responsibilities in a small, entrepreneurial and dynamic team. Further, Blue Skies offers an inspiring work environment based on Joint Effort Enterprise Core Principles and the JEE Virtuous Circle. Blue Skies also offers a competitive salary package with interesting supply chain dynamics in a global environment.


Inspired-Careers, Recruitment for Logistics and Supply Chain Professionals, is exclusively selected by Blue Skies to search and select the best candidate for this position.

If you are interested, please contact:

Mariëlle Wester, sr. Executive Search & Recruitment Consultant Inspired-Group

mwester@inspired-search.com | +31 6 505 99 188


This vacancy has been filled, you can no longer apply. Feel free to sent us an open application via https://www.inspired-careers.com/open-application/