“If you get to know and understand yourself, you can make choices that suit you.”

Inspired-Talent | 31 August 2020

Last month Carola Irvine and Evie Jetten visited Frederiek Vetkamp who founded her own coaching practice for youth and young adults. They talked about what drives Frederiek, how she came to this career step, and what kind of advice she has for anyone who has doubts about study, career or life choices. Frederiek states:

“I think it is very nice for young professionals to think about: who am I? What do I really think is important? And what do I want? That I am able to supervise this process, that’s what makes this profession so wonderful and that’s why I never want anything else”.

If you want to get inspired by Frederiek and her practice, you can find the complete article here (in Dutch). Don’t really know what your next step is? Take a look at the website of Frederiek to get in touch.

Do you already know that you want to work in the supply chain field, but not yet exactly in which position? We have a solution for that; ask Evie Jetten about a permanent position or about the traineeship we offer. During the traineeship you will do various assignments at customers, where you will have the opportunity to get to know different functions and companies from the inside out.

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"In my home I create a safe and warm environment in which you feel at ease and can tell everything". - Frederiek Vetkamp