Interview Dirk-Jan Rombouts

Inspired-Talent | 28 December 2020

‘A solid foundation has been laid for a beautiful supply chain future.’

In an uncertain corona summer, in the middle of an ERP implementation and just after moving to a new warehouse and two new 3PLs, Dirk-Jan Rombouts, Supply Chain Director, joined Haribo. This was not a peaceful time to start a new job, but his eyes sparkle when he says: ‘Since my part-time job in the supermarket, I’ve been dreaming of a position in the retail supply chain. This role at Haribo is perfect for me. The foundation for an integrated supply chain has been laid. And now I’m allowed to build it.’

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Interview conducted by Oskar Verkamman (Inspired-Search) and Mirjam Hulsebos, written by Mirjam Hulsebos.