(Interim) Production Planner (CLOSED) – Zuid-Holland

Nissrine Kohen | 24 December 2019


For our client in Zuid-Holland, Inspired-Talent is looking for a (Interim) Production Planner. As (Interim) Production Planner you will be responsible for creating the production plan for the planning horizon in line with demand and the agreements made with the site, adjusting the plan if needed while balancing service level, inventory and costs. You are responsible to continuously improve processes, reporting and tools and actively participate in MDI and gatekeeping meetings to manage exceptions to the plan.

Furthermore your responsibilities include:

• Create the production plan for the planning horizon while keeping in line with agreements made on capacity;
• Release production orders to the site in line with agreements made with the site;
• Review MPS with site and set actions to align demand and capacity as much as possible;
• Be the contact for the site schedulers to finalize production plans and to discuss exceptions or changes to the plan to adjust the plan accordingly;
• Support the site schedulers and site with analyses when needed to create visibility;
• Create clarity and visibility on possibilities in the production plan to elevate bottleneck resources;
• Review RCCP and support the Production Planning Manager with analysis and gap closing proposals;
• Provide impact analyses when needed to show the impact of decisions towards the site or towards the market;
• Support Production Planning Manager on IBP process preparation;
• Balance service levels and inventory and have a good understanding of costs in supply chain and manufacturing;
• Work together with DRP Planners to understand customer requirements and incorporate this in the production plan;
• Work together with DRP to make sure that available stock has the needed shelf life for the customers;
• Actively participate in the gate keeping with DRP Planners, and proactively provide information that is relevant to other parties;
• Continuously improve planning processes, reporting and tools;
• Work together with material planning to ensure material availability, and together seek opportunities to improve the plan;
• Maintain and improve master data to get a fit for purpose system set-up;
• Make sure that transactional data in the system is up to date and reflecting the reality;
• Proactively flag potential issues, and come with gap closing proposals to mitigate;
• Lead/participate in special projects;
• Support on reporting where necessary.

Important keywords are: HBO thinking/working level | Communication skills | Building relationships with stakeholders at multiple levels in the organization | Thinking in possibilities | Analytical, and being able to turn this data into information | Problem solving skills | Striving for improvement | Focused on processes

Inspired-Talent: Recruitment & Talent Development for Logistics and Supply Chain Professionals has been selected to find and select the best candidate for this position. If you are interested or if you want more information, please contact:

Ujendre Ramautarsing, Managing Partner Inspired-Talent
ujendre@inspired-talent.com | +31 6 25048826