Logistics and Supply Chain Talent development

Managing the supply chain has become more complex in the last decade. Therefore, identifying and nurturing upcoming supply chain talent is essential for keeping supply chains effective. Proper coaching is then key in meeting this challenge. Inspired-Talent focuses on a specific group within the supply chain: Supply & Demand Planners, and Supply Chain & Business Analysts. These professions are instrumental in supporting the supply chain from strategy to operations. We offer young talents a 3 year traineeship programme, that involves multiple 6-12 month placements. In this programme they will receive the mentorship and experience needed to realise their potential and make real change within an organisation.

Flexible solutions for supply chain talent

Whether you are looking for a temporary replacement for a short period of time, or a structural solution, Inspired-Talent is there to help. With access to a large talent pool of higher educated candidates, we are able to provide access to promising supply chain professionals who are employable in a diverse range of branches.
As well as being able to work with our talent through rotation programmes, you will also have the opportunity to offer the candidates we match you with, a permanent place within your business. Our talents are mentored on both personal development and professional knowledge. As a result, a client earns back his investment faster, while the talent develops faster.

Passion with impact

Our talent pool consists of supply chain professionals with sharp analytical minds and a passion for planning. Aware of their crucial role within the supply chain, they will always work with your company’s targets and challenges front-of-mind, and won’t shy from growing into project management and leadership positions. As well as planning and analysing, our candidates are able to make a bigger impact on your organisation’s people, processes, and business.

Our Talent development team

Continuous development is a key part of the Inspired-Talent philosophy, with all our talents nurtured through intense coaching and training programmes. We make sure each candidate properly forms a fundamental basis of professional knowledge and leadership development that will enable them to become strong future supply chain leaders.

Our core values:

  1. Exceeding customer expectations: We stay in touch with the customer from the beginning to the end of an assignment and make his expectations as explicit as possible. We translate these expectations into objectives and do our utmost to surpass them.
  2. Multiplying knowledge: We have a curious mind-set and are always expanding our own knowledge. We are open to other ways of working. By sharing our ideas, we show that we are an innovative partner.
  3. Taking self-leadership: We make conscious choices in line with our values ​​and motives. We get the best out of ourselves by being open to feedback and taking responsibility. This leads to accelerated development and a positive image.
  4. Showing commitment: We develop meaningful relationships by really wanting to understand and help the other person. Our actions lead to long-term relationships with our partners. We do our best to contribute to positive team development at the client and in our own team of trainees.

The Inspired Talent Network

Inspired-Talent is part of the Inspired-Group. With years of experience as executive search specialists in logistics and supply chain management, combined with a deep understanding of the importance of planning, Inspired-Talent is an invaluable partner in helping you recruit the right supply planner or analyst.