Below is a schematic flow of the process for Executive Search Supply Chain, Logistics and Manufacturing with a timeline indication, which also can be adjusted to the needs of the client or assignment:

Proces schema Inspired-Search

Executive Search process

During an executive search process for Supply Chain, Logistics, Procurement or Manufacturing, Inspired-Search will (amongst others) perform the following activities:

  • Complete intake interviews with internal client(s), possibly (preferably) site visits, cultural and organisational analysis
  • Prepare a detailed candidate information package concerning the organisation, its strategy direction, the position and requirements
  • A comprehensive market, database & (online) network search:
    1. Market research: identify potential candidates currently active in this industry/region with a similar (company) profile
    2. Database research: identify potential candidates in our database with a similar (company) profile
    3. Network research: using social media and our offline network to search for potential candidates currently active in this industry/region with a similar (company) profile
  • Prepare a long list of potential candidates
  • Telephone screening of the long list
  • Prepare a short list of these candidates
  • Complete personal interviews with candidates
  • Complete an interview report incl. CV of promising candidates
  • Introduce candidates who fit the profile/job description and have passed the interview with Inspired-Search
  • In consultation with our client we can also perform a Personal Profile Analysis (PPA/DISC)
  • Discussion/evaluation of candidates with the client before and/or after the client interview
  • Intermediation for making appointments between client and candidate
  • In consultation with our client, we can help obtaining references of the final candidate
  • Onboarding: After a successful placement, Inspired-Search will, if needed, ensure performance goals are formulated and will maintain an ongoing dialogue with both our candidate and client to ensure everybody is aligned, and that the integration into the organisation is successful.


The following are typical executive assignments Inspired-Search has performed in the past:

Global Supply Chain Director, Directeur Logistics Solutions Development, Directeur Transport Europa, Operations Manager, Logistiek Manager, Algemeen Manager Supply Chain Planning Europa, Managing Director, Business Development Manager/Director, Plant/Production Manager, VP Supply Chain, VP Operations, Head of European Planing.

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