Inspired-Careers focuses on recruitment of young talent and (senior) management with a (post) HBO and / or academic education who want to pursue a career in logistics, production, purchasing, data science and supply chain management.

It’s true that youth are the future, but even more important is that the youth will be the ones to determine the future. Young logistics and supply chain talents are tomorrow’s leaders and experts, who have fresh ideas and the capabilities to create change within an organisation. Inspired-Careers works to identify these professionals while they are still studying and mentors them in starting their careers.

Inspired-Careers brings professionals into contact with interesting employers from its large (inter) national network. Young talents and (senior) managers are coached to develop their ambitions, so that they can make the right career moves and continue to provide value to the organisations they work for. Our coaching draws on our vast experience in supply chain management and related work areas, with expertise ranging from S&OP to operations; from production to distribution; from warehousing to transport and from procurement to supply chain finance.

Due to the rapid technological growth, we see an increase in the demand for econometrists and mathematical professionals. Data science and analytics are vital in a well-functioning supply chain these days. Since 2019, we have increasingly specialized in roles within this field. Examples are positions such as Data science specialist, Data science Consultant, Supply Chain Consultant, Data & Business Analyst, Life Cycle Management Analyst, Optimization Algorithm Expert, Inventory Management Consultant.

The SCOR model (Supply Chain Reference Model) provides a clear overview of our field of professional expertise.

Beyond the match in Supply Chain

Our dedicated team consists of professionals with a background in Supply Chain / Logistics and / or Personnel Management / Work and Organizational Psychology. With a proven track record and a large international network (> 100,000 supply chain professionals), we will go ‘beyond the match’ to realise the best and most sustainable match between the candidate and the organisation.

Supply Chain Recruitment Process

During a recruitment process, Inspired-Careers will (amongst others) perform the following activities:

Recruitment process Inspired-Careers

The industries in which Inspired Careers operates in are very diverse. For example: Food, FMCG, Fashion / Apparel, MedTech, High Tech, Retail, E-Commerce and others. Sustainable industry has been an important growing industry in recent years.

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