The happy middle – Supply Chain Traineeship Inspired-Talent

Inspired-Group | 21 March 2017

Written by Maarten Peeters, Trainee Inspired-Talent

Supply Chain Traineeship Inspired-Talent

While writing this first blog I have been working for Inspired-Talent for over two years. Two years in which I have completed three assignments and am currently working on my fourth. Two years in which I have gained a lot of experience, have followed various training programs and have made many new contacts. Two years after which I am still happy with the decision to enroll in the Talent Program. However, had you asked me after graduation where I would work after two years, I would not have mentioned the Talent Program as an option to you. I recently wondered why.

Setting Priorities

By the end of my studies, when I seriously had to start thinking about where I would like to start my professional career, I considered various options. First, there is the option to find a fixed position. If you work at a company for multiple years, you create the opportunity to explore the position in more depth. This also may give you some unique opportunities to develop yourself and gain promotion within the company. Second, I considered the (amongst students) popular traineeships. Traineeships create the opportunity to get to know the ins and outs of the company in various functions, which allows you to grow fast. In addition these employers are often large and interesting companies. Third is the option to work for an employment agency. This has the major benefit that you are able to work in various functions within various companies. The many changes will keep your learning curve aimed high. And as a last option I have considered starting my own company, like for many others, being my own boss seemed like an ideal.

So far I have only mentioned the benefits of each option; of course each one also has downfalls. A fixed position is only relatively fixed in the modern day economy in which the contract get more flexible. A traineeship does, despite many rounds of interviews and tests, not guarantee that there will be a good match with the future employer. Working for an employment agency in many cases has the downfall that there is little to no attention for the personal development of the employee. The last option, starting my own company was not something I considered myself ready for at the time.

Coaching and Development

The pros and cons of each option are dependent on your personal needs. Despite the fact that I knew I wanted to pursue a career in Supply Chain Management I had no clear idea of the function and company. Personally, I place great value in employers which understand the importance of personal development. The combination of these factors is exactly what was offered me in the Talent Program. I can gain experience in different companies, in different planning positions and on top of that I work on my personal development with my coach. While I never considered this option before and where many others do not either, for me, this proves to be the happy medium.

Unique Opportunity

Inspired-Talent is unique in the market of Supply Chain Talent. If you are graduating soon or if you recently graduated, I recommend you to add this option to your list of options.