Call for supply chain talent

Inspired-Talent | 24 September 2020

Do you know a supply chain talent under the age of 30?

In collaboration with Inspired-Talent, Supply Chain Magazine publishes an overview of the supply chain talents under 30 in the Netherlands in its December issue. We want to present these talents and their employers (producing and trading companies).

Characteristics of a talent

  • Engagement (general):
    1. Reflection of the values of the company
    2. Takes on responsibilities
    3. Communicative and can influence
  • Aspiration (general):
    1. Expressing your own opinion through blogs and presentations
    2. Widely known in the company
    3. Has clearly expressed ambitions
    4. Adaptability to changes
  • Ability (Supply Chain)
    1. Seeks cross-functional collaboration
    2. Builds relationships with customers and suppliers
    3. Takes data-driven decisions

Sign up or nominate someone

My request to you: do you know one supply chain talent under 30 years of age (working for manufacturing and trading companies) that you think should be included in this overview? Or you yourself? Then give me his or her name.

My request to the talent: give us your name, date of birth, position, email address and phone number. We will then contact you for further details to screen you as a talent for our overview.

Send an email to: Deadline nomination: October 28, 2020.

After your nomination

First of all congratulations on your nomination!

After your nomination, we will ask you to complete a questionnaire that focuses on the three axes of the reference model below: your qualities, your energy and oppurtinities.

Reference model Lidewey van der Sluis
Reference model

The deadline of this questionnaire is November 9, 2020. Mid-November we will discuss the results and you will know if you are one of the talents under 30 in Supply Chain Magazine!

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